Crypto is just the short way of saying “cryptocurrency”.  So – by “crypto exchanges”, I actually mean “cryptocurrency exchanges”. Crypto exchanges  are websites where people can buy, trade,  and sell digital coins. As FuturoCoin (FTO) gets listed on more and more of these exchanges, each exchange will be added to this page. For easy reference, you can alway go to or to see all of the exchanges that FuturoCoin is listed on.

Also, if interested in actually learning how to trade FTO – or any other cryptocurrencies – while also positioning yourself to benefit from a little thing called arbitrage,  be sure to get yourself set-up with FuturoTrader!  The implementation of arbitrage will allow you to take advantage of the real-time price differences of a particular crypto coin on various exchanges.

Yobit  –  YoBit cryptocurrency exchange was introduced in early 2015. It is focused on primarily Russian and Chinese traders. It offers hundreds of currency pairs against BTC as well as trades in Russian Rouble (RUR) and USD. YoBit also features a lottery, and gambling services. Learn more about the YoBit exchange referral program.

Piyasa – Piyasa is from Turkey. Learn about the Piyasa exchange referral program