FutureNet Background

The FutureNet company was founded in 2012 by two owners/CEO’s – Roman Ziemian and Stephan Morgenstern. Actually they had an investor but this investor only wanted a simple return and was not interested in a share of the company. This was great news for Roman and Stephan!

The owners have many years of experience in both business and marketing, so they are still expanding FutureNet very successfully with ideas and plans for many years to come. FutureNet began its operations from Poland, but now has its headquarters in other parts of the world such as: Wroclaw, Warsaw, USA, Brazil, UK, Germany, Ukraine, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, Hong Kong, Vietnam and still newer ones are being set-up as you read this.

FutureNet is working towards being a major player in all of the biggest industries out there, both online and offline. Social network (FutureNet.club), online gaming, cryptocurrencies (FuturoCoin), auctions, shopping portal, BMW leasing, cafe franchising, internet advertising, etc etc..

Stephan has been doing network marketing for 27 years and was a top earner / leader in a couple of them, with a big team. Over the last several years, though, there wasn’t a network marketing company out there that they wanted to be a part of, so they decided to create their own.

The plan to create FuturoCoin actually was decided 4 years ago but it wasn’t until last years’ Bitcoin explosion that these owners decided that they needed to finally get-in on the action of the growing cryptocurrency market.